Loneliness & Isolation


It was only when I was listening to an item on Radio 4 about loneliness that I started to appreciate that it can strike at any point in your life.  Until then I had kicked the notion of loneliness into the long grass of being something to do with old age, safe in the knowledge that I apparently enjoy my own company (although that in itself is a point of internal debate). 

Supporting our Local Foodbank


I was delighted to spend one of the first spring-like lunchtimes of the year at Esher Civic Centre, talking about foodbanks. The event was an informal gathering run by the three Elmbridge foodbanks (Walton & Hersham Foodbank, East Elmbridge Foodbank and Cobham Area Foodbank) to update and inform foodbank voucher holders about guidelines for issuing foodbank vouchers and to answer any queries or concerns.

Beast from the East 2 Coming Our Way


I sometimes wonder why it is that we can ignore something most of the time, then suddenly get very concerned for just a few days a year. I was thinking this last week, looking at the snow falling over the car park as the “beast from the east” brought snow and freezing conditions to our sheltered southern climes. Predictably, for the first time since Christmas, the news focused on the plight of people who were homeless. Equally predictably, as the weather warmed and the news moved its focus, the homeless again came invisible to most of us.