Community Allotment Top Tips

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There is no pressure, no stress and the allotment is in very peaceful surroundings.  You can do as little or as much as you want to do.  You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to but when you’re ready there are great people with different experience/stories to share.

“Stick to the plan, not the mood” – is a good thing to hold onto.  Just kept turning up and doing rather than thinking- it works! Don’t expect overnight miracles, one session won’t change your life but stick with it and it will make a difference.

When you’re feeling down on yourself with no self-compassion, having the opportunity to do something for others rather than yourself helps you feel better.  Volunteering also makes you feel useful to society.

It’s great being part of a project where you are rewarded with praise but also, you can see the before and after transformation.  It is so rewarding.

The influence of social media can make you feel like everyone’s life is perfect, so when life goes wrong you can’t talk to anyone, especially online.  This creates a situation where you isolate yourself.  At the allotment you meet people with lots of different stories and when you’re ready it’s a good place to talk.