Community Grants

Since the re-introduction of our Community Grants programme in late 2012, Walton Charity has awarded Community Grants to cover the costs of either professional consultancy or posts to develop and deliver income generation, awareness raising and new business development plans for local organisations.

Home-Start Elmbridge approached Walton Charity to request Community Grant funding. The organisation had been affected by a steady decline in statutory sector core funding – reducing from 80% to 38% by 2012. This left the organisation with a £50,000 gap in funding to maintain existing services over a 3 year period.

The Charity awarded Home-Start Elmbridge a grant of £20,000 over 2 years to cover the cost of a part time Development Officer, responsible for implementing the income generation element of Home-Start Elmbridge’s 3 year business plan – which contained the key objectives of supporting 150 families a year and widening the range of support offered.

Over the course of 3 years Home-Start Elmbridge generated funding of £443,095.
4 of the other organisations funded for similar support have generated at least £302,536. This represents a 6.25 fold return on monies granted by Walton Charity.

Organisations wanting to explore capability and capacity development funding should contact Community Services Manager, Andrea Watson, on 0203 328 0247 or e mail

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"The most tangible impact of the activities of the Development Officer is that we continue to find ourselves in a strong financial position with strong reserves"