Congratulations to the Mayor


Congratulations to Councillor Mary Sheldon, who was elected Mayor of Elmbridge on 15th May.  Councillor Sheldon has chosen Elmbridge Mencap, a fantastic local charity, working for the benefit of people with learning disabilities & their parents/carers.  They were established in 1955 by a group of parents who wanted to improve the lives of their mentally handicapped children.  Their focus is on Elmbridge residents, and some 250 make use of the various facilities at Walton Charity’s purpose-built Burview Hall.  In the late 1990s the old pre-fabricated building that sat on our land in Queens Road, Walton on Thames was demolished and we built a purpose built facility for Elmbridge Mencap – Burview Hall.  The building has two sensory rooms and a games room and is equipped with hoists so that wheelchair users can be easily lifted and these facilities are used as a hub for other charities working with learning disabled people.   Elmbridge Mencap provides leisure activities, including social clubs for young people and adults, family fun days and activities for those with more profound disabilities.

In Councillor Sheldon’s Mayoral Year she aims to help Elmbridge Mencap increase their specialist facilities for the benefit of more people in the Borough by developing a piece of derelict land into a Sensory Garden, to provide a wonderful outdoor experience for children, adults and the elderly, including those with autism, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease as well as those with learning disabilities.