Course to Tackle Challenging Teenagers Receives Funding for 3 Years

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Walton Charity are delighted to support the parenting programme, ‘Talking Teens’, which aims to help parents work together to overcome difficult emotional or behavioural issues.  Our Community Grant of over £18,000 will ensure that this valuable parenting programme will continue to be available, free of charge, in Elmbridge for the next 3 years.  Funding for ‘Talking Teens’ had previously been provided by Surrey County Council but, due to major restructuring and budget cuts in the Children’s Services department, funding was cut.   

Talking Teens helps families to understand why their children behave as they do and to recognise the feelings behind their behaviour.  They enable participants to explore different approaches to discipline and find ways to develop co-operation and self-discipline in children.  The families work in groups, supporting each other and their teenagers.  This method is highly effective and helps families to reduce stress and understand that they are not alone and not being judged.  It was devised by Family Links, from their flagship programme, the 10-week Nurturing Programme.

The programmes have a history of effective outcomes for the parents, grandparents or carers who need support and guidance with difficult teenagers.  Each 4-week programme can accommodate up to 20 people and early intervention means that families can attend and gain the confidence and strength to deal with challenging behaviour.

The programme facilitator, Michelle Tucker, says “This funding will really make a huge impact on the families who attend.  With support, guidance and lots of tools and strategies, they will feel empowered and confident to build better relationships with their teenagers and deal with difficult issues.”

Whilst families living in Elmbridge with children either on a Child Protection Plan, Child in Need Plan or part of the Early Help Service are prioritised, families can self-refer by contacting Michelle Tucker Consulting direct (telephone no. 0777 234 8182 or e mail her either at or

To learn more about the Nurturing Programme visit Family Link’s website: