Funding Enables Series of Workshops on Healthy Food on a Budget for Families


Walton Charity and local company, Cargill, were delighted to join forces in order to fund a series of workshops on cooking healthy foods on a budget.   The funding will enable a series of eight workshops which will be delivered by Love of Learning.   The workshops look at healthy food recipes that are cost effective and feed a family on a limited budget and they focus on meal planning and freezing prepared meals which can be really helpful in times of financial difficulty.

The first four sessions of this project have already taken place at Walton Oak School in Walton, with a further four planned at another school in late September.  Around ten participants took part in the first workshop and had great fun within a supportive atmosphere.  They enjoyed the opportunity to develop skills and gained the confidence and knowledge to make delicious, healthy, quick, easy and inexpensive meals.

Love of Learning’s workshops are interactive and great fun, incorporating  demonstrations and tastings, with participants able to make a dish to take home as well as being able to share a dish with fellow participants at the workshop itself.   The sessions enable participants to learn about nutrition, food hygiene and storage tips as well as how to plan, budget and shop for nutritious family food.  Participants look at the cost of homemade versus processed food and learn how to interpret food labels to see how much sugar, fat and salt they contain.

Love of Learning’s facilitators are excited to be able to run the workshops and are looking forward to meeting and working alongside parents at  the next session of workshops.  Lynne Sinclair and Sue Lee from Love of Learning said: “It has been a privilege to be able to run this project and we thank Walton Charity and Cargill for the funding, to enable this”.

Jan Winteridge, Cargill Cares Chairperson said “Cargill’s purpose of nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way also extends to enriching the communities where we live and work. Cargill is committed to supporting nutrition and healthy lifestyles so these workshops were a perfect fit for us.  We are delighted to see how our funds are being used to enhance nutritional education and make a difference to the families involved”.

The funding from Walton Charity and Cargill supports the purchase of hand blenders, food and equipment, plus the cost of the project leaders in order to deliver these learning workshops.  Also, the provision of a crèche enables parents to have quality time in order to focus on the sessions.   Sue Lee said “It was a pleasure to see participants flourish individually, create new friendships and enjoy the workshops.  We are working towards a follow up session to see how the delegates are progressing and discuss how they are applying all they learnt.  It will be a pleasure to meet them again.”