Community Allotment

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Glenn’s Story

Glenn had a good job, a high position at Heathrow Airport, but after losing several friends to illness, followed by a tragic accident where he lost his best friend, he was diagnosed with depression and signed off work.  He started counselling and was referred to the Community Allotment project, where he started to build his confidence (he had shut himself off from people).  The project gave him a new sense of meaning and direction which got him  thinking about new goals to focus on.

After participating in the project for 14 months he starting thinking about new career options.  Glenn had gained experience which he added to his CV and this enabled him to start applying for horticultural jobs. He applied for a job where only 2 applicants were selected for a second round of interviews. Glenn was delighted to receive the news that he had been successful, due to his volunteer work at the allotment project whilst he was unemployed.