Legacies and Financial Support

We are a permanently endowed charity, which means that we cannot spend our capital funds. We can only spend the income that is raised from the capital funds that are invested.

Most of our Charity’s funds come from legacies made centuries ago by philanthropic individuals who left money and land on trust to help alleviate local need. Their generosity lives on (as do many of the philanthropists’ names such as Fenner) and the impact of their gifts continues.

A legacy can provide help to the local community and individuals for many years; we celebrate more than 800 years of serving our local community.

Today we are not reliant on fundraising but we will ensure that all donations are put to good use by helping us deliver services and funding to those in need.

Anyone who donates or makes a legacy today will become part of the rich heritage associated with such an ancient charity. More importantly donors are able to help make an impact on the local community and possibly be remembered in centuries to come!

Contact us on admin@waltoncharity.org.uk or 01932 220242 if you want to help shape the future of Walton Charity.