Living the Good Life on Walton Charity’s Allotments


Have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolution yet?  For a lot of people, becoming more active and eating healthily is a top pledge and for those people we may have the ideal solution at one of our allotment sites.

Planting seeds, watching them grow and eating the produce is usually the primary reason why allotment holders rent an allotment plot.  During the past decade there has been a marked rise in the number of people wanting to take responsibility for what they eat and growing organic food, without the hefty supermarket price tag, is both rewarding and a way of supplementing the family’s weekly shop with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Then there are those who get involved purely for enjoyment - meeting like minded people from all walks of life, sharing skills and swopping fresh produce.  Spending even a short time on an allotment can help to maintain a healthy weight and being out in the fresh air and sunlight lifts the mood and is fun for the whole family. Allotments can also be ideal places for much needed quiet time, having a secluded space, and escaping the pressures of modern living.

Walton Charity owns and manages four allotment sites in the Borough of Elmbridge and some plots are available. The allotments are located off Terrace Road, Burhill Road, and we have two sites off Rydens Road.  If you want to start slowly, why not rent a 1/2 plot and then progress to a full plot?

If renting your own plot sounds too much, there is always the Community Allotment which is located in Terrace Road, Walton. No tools, skills or experience are required, so whether you’re completely new to gardening and wish to increase your knowledge and skills or a seasoned gardener, you’d be very welcome and whilst the Community Allotment closes over the winter months, the team will be meeting again in March. 

Interested? Please email Karen Heynike  ( or ring her (0203 328 0254)