Individual Grants

Ryan’s Story

We assist six local schools with a dedicated fund which enables them to use the money to support their pupils.  The schools are all chosen as they have a high number of children qualifying for pupil premium (a grant given by the government to schools to decrease the attainment gap for the most disadvantaged children).

Ryan attends one of these schools and is currently in care, after suffering neglect. He has emotional difficulties and finds routines and rules difficult to follow.

The school have used their dedicated fund to ensure that Ryan is one of a group of children able to attend their Singing Club at no cost.   Attending the club has improved Ryan’s self-esteem and confidence and enabled him to tap into a passion, where he is shining.  Ryan is beginning to express his feelings and emotions in a safe and controlled environment which has had a positive impact on his ability to learn. 

Learning to sing is not only therapeutic and educational but it is fun and social! It is also an excellent way to help children to manage feelings of nerves and anxiety as learning good posture and breath control are tools that can be used to combat and control symptoms of anxiety that can simply cripple some children.  The unique mix of focusing on confidence techniques and singing strategies is key to building the children’s self-esteem.