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*Please note we cannot guarantee to offer the property of your choice. Decisions on allocations are based on need of all applicants and are subject to the Charity’s prevailing allocations policies. NO PETS ARE PERMITTED EXCEPT GOLDFISH AND SMALL CAGED BIRDS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ASSISTANCE DOGS, SUBJECT TO CERTAIN CONDITIONS
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Immigration checks
Under the terms of the Immigration Act 2014 we are required to verify an applicant’s right to occupy our properties. You may be offered accommodation if you fall into one of the following groups: A citizen of the UK, the European Economic Area or Switzerland A person with indefinite leave to remain or right of abode in the UK A person with a ‘time-limited’ leave to remain in the UK or a right to live in the UK A person with a ‘discretionary right to rent’ In order for us to ensure compliance with the Act we shall ask you to provide proof you are in one of the above categories. We will seek appropriate documents such as a passport and we are required to keep copies for 1 year after your occupation with us ceases. The Charity will operate in accordance with the Government’s guidance which can be found at: Please note if we cannot satisfactorily verify you are within one of the categories mentioned above, Walton on Thames Charity will not be able to offer you accommodation.
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Please tick the definition you believe applies to you.
Data Protection and sharing declaration
Walton on Thames Charity may need share your personal information with other organisations in order to verify information supplied or to assist you to receive a service. Walton on Thames Charity will share your personal information, without your consent to assist with the prevention or detection of crime. You have the right to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of this please contact us on 0203 328 0241 or email Walton on Thames Charity is a signatory to Surrey County Council’s Multi Agency Information Sharing Protocol full details of which can be found at: Please note that if you are unable or unwilling to provide some or all of your personal information we have asked for, we may be unable to offer you assistance. The information you supply in this form will be used solely for the purposes of establishing your eligibility for accommodation and to assess your application. The information will be held on file until a) you have been accommodated by the charity or b) your application is rejected or c) you withdraw your application. In all cases and at the appropriate time, this form will be securely destroyed. I have read and understood the above and consent to Walton on Thames Charity using the personal information I have given them and sharing it as outlined above.
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Frequently asked questions:

Am I guaranteed my application will be accepted? No we cannot make that guarantee. Applications are assessed against criteria set out in the Charity’s Governing Document and we can only accept applications which fit with those criteria. You will be notified or our decision in either case.

If my application is not successful will you keep the information I’ve supplied? We may keep some anonymous statistical information but nothing that would identify you.

Where can I get more information about my application? Contact our Schemes Managers on 0203 328 0248/9 or email

What form of occupation agreement do you grant? Walton on Thames Charity is an Almshouse charity provider and by law cannot grant tenancies but instead issues a Letter of Appointment. The Charity has a set of rules accompanying this Letter to which both parties are required to abide by.

Does this mean I would have no security of tenure? A Letter of Appointment does not grant the resident the same security of tenure rights as most tenants. However, Walton on Thames Charity does not treat anyone less favourably than if they held a tenancy. The sanction to remove a resident from a property can only be taken by the Board of Trustees and only if a special resolution to that effect is passed. We advise any prospective resident to seek legal advice or approach the CAB if they have concerns about the legal status of almshouse residents.

Must the warden call on me every day?  In most cases the warden will call daily. We may agree to waive this in certain circumstances. The Charity’s discretion in the matter is final and any alternative arrangement can be revoked at any time at its absolute discretion.