The Brigitte Trust Expand their Elmbridge Service

Brigette Trust volunteer pic.jpg

Walton Charity has agreed to a £10,000 grant, over a three year period, to the Brigitte Trust in order to increase the free of charge support, both practical and emotional, offered by the charity to those facing life threatening conditions in the Elmbridge area.  

The Brigitte Trust provides a confidential listening ear, supporting clients, carers and their family members through difficult times.  Practical support may include transport to medical appointments, food shopping, home tasks or social visits.  The services of the Brigitte Trust may be accessed during a course of treatment or surgery where the health or wellbeing of the client or carer is poor, where support is needed to sustain the caring role and towards the end of life.  Bereavement support is also offered by this Queens Award winning charity. 

At referral a team of service co-ordinators match a volunteer with the family and the volunteer then provides support.  The Trust’s volunteers undergo a rigorous training programme and are supervised by experienced support officers. They are always looking for more volunteers for their training programme as well as for fundraising, events, administration, web based research and bookkeeping.

Lee Bennett, Chief Executive of the Brigitte Trust said “Currently 12 clients are supported in the Elmbridge area but Walton Charity’s Community Grant allows us to focus on expansion, building on our bank of volunteers and promoting the service in order to serve the residents of Elmbridge better.  The good news   could not have come at a better time as a grant from Macmillan has just ended, leaving a large hole in our budget”.

For more information on the Brigitte Trust visit their website