Unfair Gulf in Bus Fares between
London & Rest of England

Research published by The Guardian has shown that bus travel, outside of London, has become increasingly more expensive.

They conclude that local bus fares in England increased by 71% between March 2005 and March 2018, yet in London prices of single tickets have arguably improved in value: in 2005, a single zone-one fare for Oyster card users was £1. Fourteen years later it is £1.50 to travel anywhere in the whole city. Perhaps unsurprisingly, figures show that the number of passenger journeys in England have dropped by 4.2% outside London and soared by 23.5% in the capital over the same period.

In many areas return fares no longer exist, forcing passengers to buy a day pass. Sometimes it isn’t even possible to pay for a single trip.

Buses are the most used form of public transport, but deregulation means there are few safeguards for those who depend on them. In Surrey, between 2010 & 2017, subsidies to bus services have been reduced by 37%. Local community groups repeatedly identify the high cost of bus travel and the poor level of service during evenings and weekends as barriers to getting people, and particularly young people, involved.

Walton Charity continues to work to find solutions to these problems and remains keen to investigate new ways of running and resourcing local community transport provision.