Our History

Walton Charity traces its origins to before the year 1212. A nobleman was given free land in Walton on Thames and in return he and his successors had to give assistance to the poor of the parish.

Walton Charity Almshouses1.jpg

Over the centuries several other charities were established in the area, including the founding of the Almshouses. The charity was originally formed from 11 smaller individual charities. Towards the end of the 19th Century many of these charities began to merge so that by 1963 the process was complete. In 1984 the name of Walton on Thames Charity was adopted. This was also the first year that the Charity gave financial grants to other local organisations.

These original charities were first established with money individuals left in their wills for the benefit of people in the ancient parish of Walton on Thames. The ancient parish is now made up of the parishes of Walton on Thames, Oatlands and Hersham; and the modern day Charity is bound by the terms of these original bequests.

Map of the Ancient Parish.

The Charity’s history is important in how we work today, not only in terms of its remit and powers, but also the spirit of many of the original bequests. We are committed to ensuring that the Charity is rooted in its past, whilst at the same time modernising and responding to the ever changing nature of poverty and need.

To mark the Charity’s 800th year in 2011 David Nash, a local Historian and trustee of Walton Charity researched and compiled a detailed account of the Charity’s history since its early beginnings.

A copy of his book ‘I Give and Bequeath’ is available from the Charity.